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First they send letters. Then the IRS has a few options: They can drain your bank account, take your pay, or put a lien on your home. Or they can do all the above.

Unfortunately the IRS can and does have people arrested. It’s a last resort, but people still get arrested for tax problems every year

  • Everything is at stake. It is whether you know it or not.
  • With the IRS, you may never know when they are about to drop the hammer on you.
  • Move quickly. If you or your loved one were having a heart attack, would you wait to call for help?
  • For whatever reason, you have been targeted by the biggest bully the world has ever seen.
  • With all the penalties, fees and interest, they’ll throw everything at you but the kitchen sink.
  • Regardless of what the IRS claims you owe, we provide the real proof, and we hold them to account.
  • Sure, technically you could. However tax code is complex, and one mistake could cost you everything.
  • If you were wrongly accused of murder, would you try to defend yourself in court?
  • Let our years of hard-fought and proven experience work for you.
  • We fight the IRS. Every. Single. Day.
    • If you’ve gotten word of how much the IRS claims you owe, you already know this is a fight, and the IRS has thrown the first punch.
    • Now its time to fight back.
    • Who would you trust fighting for your life:
      • The Zero – Someone who talks a big game but may hardly ever fight the IRS?
      • The Hero – The heavyweight who aggressively goes toe-to-toe with the IRS every day of the week.
    • We cannot work with every potential client. We pick our battles, and win. We are so successful with our clients because we take the cases we know we can win.
    • Richport is Opportunity. It’s your chance at the American Dream.
  • You may have the money and not even realize it.
  • We can help you get creative and move forward. Payroll advances, payday loans, loans from family/friends, borrow from your 401k, old collectibles and other items are probably worth more money than you might think!
  • You may qualify for one of our needs-based payment plansContact us to find out more today!
  • What “no money” really looks like is when you get in deep enough with the IRS:
    • You go to the ATM and there is no money because the IRS has seized your assets.
    • Your friendly HR department drops off a garnishment notice that your paychecks are reduced by 75%.
  • Call, email, or text us today to find out if you’re one of the thousands of folks that qualify for our income-based payment plans!
  • We need to jump on this right now. There’s a chance that the IRS or the state has not actually taken your money yet and we can still stop them.
  • Typically, the IRS will freeze the funds in your bank account up to the amount that they claim you owe, but the bank will hold it for 21 days before they send it. States act more quickly.
  • Here’s what we need you to do. Fax, email, or text us a copy of that bank levy notice right now.
  • You’re going to have licensed professionals assigned to your case with years and years of experience.
  • You will be personally contacted by phone on your matter every 28 days even if we’re in a holding pattern with the IRS.
  • You’re never going to speak to or meet with the IRS while you are a client of ours.
  • We’re going to step in and do everything legally possible to protect your assets and negotiate the very best resolution allowable by law for you.
  • We understand there can be a lot going on. Thankfully, we make this easier than every other tax resolution firm in the industry.
  • Solve everything from the comfort of your home. No delays, smooth and seamless service on your schedule and at your speed.
  • After one call with our friendly and helpful tax professionals, you’ll never have to deal with the IRS ever again.
  • Yes, we can end your stress in minutes. One call will put us between you and the IRS immediately.
  • Connect with us over a quick call and let our team tackle the IRS.
  • It’s time to enjoy life again.
  • Call, email, or text us so we can talk through your case and find out if we’re the right fit for you.
  • Together we can lift the suffocating weight of tax problems.
  • Give yourself the fresh start you deserve!